Meanwhile, in Lulu-Land...


You can call me ルル姫.

currently living in WA, USA
and serving the country.

I suffer from motion-sickness.
I will eat anything with cheese.
I can do the cha-cha.
I like the word "pineapple".
I dream awake.
I crave sweet iced green tea.
I trip on flat surfaces.
I effortlessly make goofy faces.
I don't cuss.
I listen to techno music.
I dislike earthworms.
I change topic in mid-sentence.
I like playing hide and seek.
I am a closet emo.
I am seriously very ticklish.
I think cats & monkeys are cute.
I clench my teeth involuntarily.
I can survive on only ramen.
I text in awkward situations.
I clean when I need to study.
I like fluffy.
I have good mnemonic skills.
I dance while I brush my teeth.
I sleep with my mouth open.
I hate snow.
I can be very indecisive.
I wear spandex.
I collect pig stuff toys.
I could not make myself burp.
I worry about everything.
I usually score 99% at karaoke.
I can now see the big E.
I prefer to use the stairs.
I don't mind being called a dork.
I like purple.
I am secretly a ninja.
I love Fabian Cortez.
I transform into a pogo stick... sometimes.
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I’m just ranting here.

I had high hopes for this week. Fabian got me a juicer for my birthday and I decide this was a safe week to do a juice fast. The first couple of days was bad enough. I was so hungry. Then Wednesday came…

I woke up to a text message that one if my techs is not coming to work. So my morning was busy contacting people to ensure my clinic have enough tech coverage since I will be out as we’ll for training. I was running late and I left the house in hurry.

Training was death by PowerPoint. I received a weird message from my husband so I called him. Turns out I completely forgot it was his birthday. I ran home with an ice cream cake and fortunately he was forgiving.

The next day my tech was still out sick so I had to cover down. The clinic got so busy that I didn’t have time to drink water or go to the bathroom. I also had to skip lunch to try and finish a ton of work but it was never ending. I also planned to cram for my physics finals that night but didn’t have any time.

Half an hour before my test I received word that I have to do a diagnostic pt test before Monday. Since I won’t be at work on Monday due to more training and I am not going to have my supervisor grade a pt test for me on his days off I had to do it the next day. I tried to focus really hard on my physics test and I hope I did well enough.

Dehydrated and drained, I was going to try and not work too hard today but the patients won’t stop coming. With leftover work from yesterday that I was trying to finish I got very busy again and still had no time to drink water.

I found out that a soldier I was looking after missed her chiropractic appointment on Wednesday because it slipped her mind since the clinic was yet again very busy. Now I was told that we have to do remedial missed medical appointment training tomorrow at 0900. I had to accompany her to a counseling session during lunch giving me no time to eat. Remember I have a pt test after work and I have no energy now whatsoever ( didn’t have breakfast either.)

A joint commission tracer came by. Medical maintenance came by. And there’s still the never ending stream if patients. Everyone wanted my attention. I was so overwhelmed at that moment that I just broke down and started crying. My soldier’s daughter was in my office and saw me balling my eyes out. It was an awkward and embarrassing moment.

I feel better now though. I already reached the bottom so now there’s hopefully only one way for me to go. My supervisor and his supervisors were very supportive and encouraging. One of my techs even bought me a salad to eat as late lunch.

Now I’m enjoying some alone time. Fabian went out with a friend and I decided to just stay at home.

Lesson learned: never try to do a juice fast again. It will only bring me bad luck. o.O

Since I’m working tomorrow we celebrated tonight! (at The Cheesecake Factory)

Nine Wonderful Words About Words from 25 things you had no idea there were words for

Dunning-kruger effect… read the other words by clicking the link.

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How to fix the nursing shortage.

This is the cutest CPR ever.

this fucking baby is more skilled than I am

She even plugged the nose

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Omurice for breakie!

Fabian’s slippers are angrier…

Angry Bird slippers! So squishy comfy!

I only have a few simple ones so I can actually accomplish something…

Drink water only (any other drink must have alcohol in it)
Drink water all the time
Sleep no later than 2230 during weekdays
Excercise 5 times a week at least 20 mins per session
Brush teeth right after dinner
Floss at least every other night
Use facial lotion with spf before going outside
Snooze the alarm only once
Count calories
Eat only 1 cup of rice per meal

I can do this right?
Com’on 2014!

Finally on the right train :) almost there NY!